Macbeth at the Alhambra Theatre, bradford July 6TH 2018

Macbeth at ‘The Alhambra   Theatre’ Bradford.














David Houston onstage with Shakespearean expert Judith Buchanan of the university of York at the Alhambra Theatre Bradford.

A midsummer night’s dream open-air 2018

March performances of ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ and ‘Macbeth’ at Q3 Academy in Birmingham and Fulham boys College.

Q3 Academy students performing the banquet scene in ‘Macbeth’

Jekyll & Hyde new novel adaptation performed at
Q3 Academy

Macbeth & Lady Macbeth
“Was the hope drunk wherein you dressed yourself?”







Year ten and eleven students experienced a real hands on feel for the context of the plays and novel adaptations as well as taking the opportunity to try on the costumes, speak the text, and fully engage in the day’s events.

We offer staff and students a fantastic multi-dimensional educational experience with our in-school and open-air performances and workshops.