No matter how amazing technology is we still need to communicate effectively and harmoniously as human beings. in fact we cannot survive without it.   Many companies and individuals realise this and appreciate that the key to developing in a competitive market is to excel and deliver the absolute best.  This applies to those heading business as well as all others involved no matter the level.  

The future is very much linked to communication.

We can always, always improve.  

Drama Impact is not a high street corporate training company.

What we are is an experienced team of highly focused, passionate performers, corporate and theatrical, with many years of personal and ensemble training education and performance.  Our specialisation is making you and your team amazing at listening, speaking, presenting, meeting and developing positive creative and rewarding relationships.


This is a cutting edge, high impact workshop designed to develop personal/group confidence and communication skills to better prepare you to deliver presentations, speeches, discussions in business or in social environments. The workshop will teach you how to prepare physically and mentally ensuring you fulfil potential and not be held back by nerves or old ways of thinking.

The workshop is suitable for all.

The way we present ourselves in any situation, the way we act, is how we are perceived.  The way we act becomes the way we feel and this also applies to our thinking.

We offer bespoke training programmes for individuals/teams specialising in developing performance skills, confidence, body language, voice & speech, role play and emotional intelligence.

Concise training can vastly improve self confidence in communication.  Our unique  ‘Combined Learning Development‘ consists of the following correlation of skills :

  • Professional arts performance training.
  • Retail and management communication skills.
  • Emotional intelligence and mind power development.

Our training will provide a fantastic support structure to revolutionise your personal development.  A concise focus leading to excellent communication skills ensuring precise, and flexible interactions.

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