Drama Impact presents ‘William Shakespeare’s’ much loved brilliant comedy ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. OPEN-AIR

Returning from the wars Don Pedro’s men are invited to stay at least the month at Signior Leonato’s house and hopefully, events may detain them longer.

Confirmed bachelor Benedick, Claudio hero of the moment, Don John, Pedro’s villainous brother of few words are amongst the guests of honor.

Beatrice assaults Benedick with arrows of piercing wit much to the amusement of those gathered. Thereafter passionate tales of young and mature love, battling wits and two explosive sub-plots takes place in a compelling and witty drama suitable for all the family. A 90-minute no-nonsense performance with nine experienced performers.

The show is preceded with a Director’s talk on the play and an exciting fun interactive session inviting members of the audience to participate in trying on a costume and speaking some of Shakespeare’s famous words.

Performances and Venues

The Roman Amphitheatre festival St Albans

27th 28th June
Evening: 8pm

Keats House Hampstead

Matinee: 2pm
6th July

St Pauls Walden Bury Hitchin

7th July
Matinee: 2pm (Promenade with indoor back up space)
Evening: 7pm (Promenade with indoor back up space)

The Orchard Tea Garden Cambridge

Evenings 11,12,13th July 7pm

Charlton House Greenwich

14th July
Matinee: 2pm
Evening: 7pm

Inn On the Park St Albans

1st August
2nd August
Evenings: 7pm

Tring Memorial Gardens

4th August Matinee