A Christmas Carol

A strong performance of this Dickensian masterpiece. This adaptation really delivers the heart of this moving story. We chart the powerful transition of Scrooge’s life journey from his selfish and inhumane adulthood through to his dramatic and hard hitting lessons in later life. In particular the powerful scene with Belle as he journey’s toward his fate.

During the workshop session we invite volunteer students to participate in elements of performance. Importantly the students will try on costumes and speak elements of the text immersing them in the historical and social contexts. There are many opportunities here for recreating the characters and social setting.

As with all of our performances and workshops we gaurentee that the entire group no matter what size will be focused and engaged fully throughout.

Why choose ‘Drama Impact’? Why are the GCSE texts so powerful?

Studying these amazing GCSE texts offers each student an abundance of knowledge, not only as an academic education but also as a relative point of reference for their own emotional well-being.