Jekyll & Hyde

We have designed a performance script that delivers a powerful and concise interpretation of the novel without digressing from the main story as in a number of adaptations. The plot features all the key characters and charts Jekyll’s transition from his early desires through to the full embodiment of Hyde and the subsequent chaos and violence which ultimately destroys him and impacts greatly on his close friends and colleagues. A simple yet effective set with period costume and props.

During the workshop we invite volunteer students to participate in elements of performance. Importantly the students will try on costumes and speak lines from the text immersing them in the historical and social contexts. There are many opportunities here including recreating the duplicity of character and setting this amongst the two opposing Victorian London settings.

As with all of our performances and workshops we gaurentee that the entire group no matter what size will be focused and engaged fully throughout.

As an actor/director and personal development coach with twenty years of performance and teaching experience, I know how extremely valuable our performances and workshops, aligned with academic study, can be.