The performance is styled using Elizabethan costume and weaponry with minimal properties allowing full focus on the language and visual presentation. Performances of key scenes in continuity across the play with a specific focus on the relationship between the main characters, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Both the performance and interactive workshop develop a clear understanding of language and rhetorical devices inherent. The text is delivered clearly both vocally and physically ensuring that students are better able to understand the story as it unfolds.  Through the verse we are able to produce the enhanced levels of tension necessary for the dramatic action in the tragedy.

During the workshop session we invite volunteer students to participate in elements of performance. Importantly the students will try on costumes and speak elements of the text immersing them in the historical and social contexts. There are many opportunities here including recreating the witches and other elements of physical theatre. It works very well for the students to recreate the banquet scene and all work is performed back to the main group.

As with all of our performances and workshops we gaurentee that the entire group no matter what size will be focused and engaged fully throughout.

Using practical techniques in associated workshops empowers students, develops core confidence and emphasises excellent communication ability through speaking and listening skills and body language.